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Psychiatric illnesses have many faces

Together we will find therapeutic approaches to your problem. Everyone needs a different approach, so we follow the therapeutic approaches of individualized treatment


Anxiety / panic disorder / OCD

Speciality Anxiety / panic disorder / OCD: There are many fears and not all of them automatically need treatment. However, if life is all about fear, should you suffer from panic attacks or certain constraints determine your everyday life, then specialized therapy can help [...]


Depression and burnout

Specialty depression and burnout: When energy and joy leave something to be desired. When everything appears gray. Then depression can be the cause of your symptoms. Constant stress and pressure to perform can also cause these symptoms, we then speak of burnout. However, specialist medical [...]


Bipolar disorder

Specialty bipolar disorder: Life between the extremes. "Himmelhoch jauchzend, zum Tode betrübt" - This much-quoted saying from the poem JW v. Goethe reflects the symptoms of the disease quite clearly. But even if this disease seems strange at first, there are a variety of [...]


Psychoses and schizophrenia

Specialty psychosis and schizophrenia: Noises, voices and other perceptions that are not understandable, the thought something must be behind it or my thoughts are open, all of these are signs of a disorder from the schizophrenia group. And yet a specialist assessment is essential, since [...]


Personality disorders

Specialty personality disorders: Personality influences our nature, our behavior and our way of communicating with each other. Not every property is therefore automatically "sick" or "in need of treatment". However, if the patient in particular suffers from his behavior patterns or if his character traits [...]



Specialty addiction disorders: The question is often asked whether behavior is an addiction. Addiction consists largely of accepting long-term, negative consequences in order to relax in the short term and to satisfy a need. Accordingly, there are many substances that are "addictive", but also [...]

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