Specialty psychosis and schizophrenia:

Noises, voices and other perceptions that are not understandable, the thought something must be behind it or my thoughts are open, all of these are signs of a disorder from the schizophrenia group. And yet a specialist assessment is essential, since there are many causes for apparently inexplicable phenomena.

  • Accurate diagnostics necessary to assess the symptoms
  • Many causes for apparently inexplicable symptoms are possible
  • Well-tolerated drugs are now available
  • Self-determined life is the primary goal

  • Supportive psychotherapy available


Psychosis is actually a combination of different symptoms such as Hallucinations, delusion, disturbance of reality perception or disturbances regarding one’s own thoughts. Psychoses can occur in many psychiatric disorders. An accurate assessment can only be made possible by good specialist diagnostics.


If symptoms of psychosis and perception disorders persist, schizophrenia is often the cause after excluding other causes. There are different forms of the disease and symptoms often change in psychotic phases, particularly over time. Contrary to many prejudices, patients with this diagnosis can lead a completely normal life today. The frequency of these psychotic phases usually varies from patient to patient. There are now well-tolerated and unrestricted medications that help you live symptom-free. We help you choose the right medication and also focus more on non-drug therapy methods. We are also happy to offer family members discussions to understand how to deal with and the importance of this diagnosis.

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