Specialty personality disorders:

Personality influences our nature, our behavior and our way of communicating with each other. Not every property is therefore automatically “sick” or “in need of treatment”. However, if the patient in particular suffers from his behavior patterns or if his character traits in dealing with his fellow men threaten him, a specialist assessment and coordinated therapy can significantly improve the quality of life.

  • Not every individual peculiarity needs treatment

  • The well-being of the patient is paramount

  • Psychotherapy is the main form of therapy

  • There are supportive drugs that provide quick relief
  • The sustainable change in behavior takes time and regular, psychotherapeutic intervention


Every person has learned certain behavior patterns in his early childhood and in the course of his life and uses them every day in the assessment of his environment. If dysfunctional patterns have occurred, these misjudgments regularly occur in adulthood. In particular, people’s behavior is often misinterpreted and associated with their own actions. This often leads to suffering from insecurity, a lack of self-esteem, aggressive breakthroughs, but also from secondary diseases such as secondary substance abuse or depressive adjustment disorders.

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