Specialty depression and burnout:

When energy and joy leave something to be desired. When everything appears gray. Then depression can be the cause of your symptoms. Constant stress and pressure to perform can also cause these symptoms, we then speak of burnout. However, specialist medical clarification is important, since physical causes can also be behind everything.

  • Good overall therapy options available

  • Stress management strategies, day structuring measures, physical activity are important pillars

  • Medicinal options recommended for moderate and severe courses

  • Herbal therapy options for minor symptoms

  • Supportive psychotherapy recommended


Depression is a permanent reduction in mood and drive, mostly associated with social withdrawal and sleep disorders. Constant tiredness and non-relaxing sleep phases often occur, as do circling thoughts and worries. The ability to work and the ability to work break down only if the symptoms are long or severe. First, leisure activities, private interests and contact with friends / acquaintances are given up.


In the so-called burnout syndrome, all the symptoms of depression described are associated exclusively with extreme professional or private stress. The depressive symptoms do not develop out of nothing, but stand at the end of extreme stress phases with enormous expenditure of energy.

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