Specialty bipolar disorder:

Life between the extremes. “Himmelhoch jauchzend, zum Tode betrübt” – This much-quoted saying from the poem JW v. Goethe reflects the symptoms of the disease quite clearly. But even if this disease seems strange at first, there are a variety of good therapeutic options.

  • Professional examination and diagnostics in the foreground
  • Drug treatment almost always recommended
  • Advising supportive psychotherapy
  • Precise delimitation to differential diagnoses significant

  • Sports activity, exercises for self-awareness and inclusion of the environment supportive.

Bipolar disorder

The alternation of extreme high phases with low need for sleep, increased social exchange and never ending energy alternate with depressive times, but also normal periods. The suffering is mainly in the phases of depression, however, the precise medical history and diagnosis are of primary importance in order not to overlook the symptoms of the disease with a longitudinal profile.

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