Specialty addiction disorders:

The question is often asked whether behavior is an addiction. Addiction consists largely of accepting long-term, negative consequences in order to relax in the short term and to satisfy a need. Accordingly, there are many substances that are “addictive”, but also many behavior patterns can take on an “addictive character”. If you find it difficult to do without an addict or to refrain from behavior, we have the right supportive therapy for you.

  • Addiction is not just addiction, there are often other symptoms behind it
  • Large support network makes sense to achieve abstinence
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy is highly recommended
  • There are well-tolerated, supportive drugs
  • Specialist medical advice is absolutely advisable


Whether it is a “classic” addictive substance such as alcohol, nicotine, or “harder” substances, or whether it is a matter of non-substance-related addictions such as gambling and computer game addiction, it is strongly advisable to check with a specialist before “stopping”. Many narcotic drugs can cause physical withdrawal, which in the worst case can cause serious physical damage. Here you should always trust an expert. However, addictive behavioral patterns should always be approached in close consultation with a psychiatrist, since it is not uncommon for other diseases to be compensated for by addictive behavior. A close network of support groups, psychotherapists, specialist clinics and psychosocial associations supports you in getting closer to your goal of “addiction-free life”. One thing is clear, the work with the addiction is always with the patient, but we will support you in the best possible way.

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