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Not only our specialist Gerald Suttner MSc, but the whole team is ready for your mental health

Gerald Suttner MSc
Gerald Suttner MScSpecialist in psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine
Working as a doctor since 2009 and in his own practice in Kufstein since 2016. He takes care of all medical and psychotherapeutic matters of the patients. Registered as a generally sworn and court-certified expert in the field of 02.35 since September 2021
Sandra Kistl MSc
Sandra Kistl MScOrdination assistant - back office
Takes care of the organizational and financial processes in the background, quality management and process optimization.
Christiane Ederegger
Christiane EdereggerOrdination assistant
Takes care of all organizational processes, appointments and the planning and organization of the expert opinion process in criminal, social, civil and accommodation law matters.
Tanja Lechner
Tanja LechnerOrdination assistant
Takes care of all organizational processes, appointments and your physical well-being.
Eva Guggenbichler
Eva GuggenbichlerOrdination assistant
Takes care of all organizational processes, appointments and your physical well-being.
Pauline Steger
Pauline StegerOrdination assistant
Takes care of all organizational processes, appointments and your physical well-being.
Mag. Natalija Kittinger-Alaber
Mag. Natalija Kittinger-AlaberClinical and health psychologist, industrial psychologist, psychotherapist in training under supervision (VT)
Is available for your psychotherapy in your own practice within our premises.

Professional help according to the latest standard.

As a specialist practice for psychiatry and psychotherapy, we guarantee professional help in all kinds of psychiatric illnesses and disorders. Gerald Suttner completed his specialist training in the Tyrolean neighboring state of Bavaria at the University Hospital Erlangen and focuses on therapies according to current medical guidelines and the latest scientific standards.

  • State-of-the-art medical diagnostics and therapy

  • if possible, use of non-drug therapy options if reasonable

  • best accessibility and communication with the patient through online portal, telemedicine and personal accessibility 12/5

Your doctor’s office

As an elective doctor’s office, we can devote enough time to you to deal with your complaints. You decide for each individual appointment how much time you need on that day, because the problems of life or an illness are not always equally impairing.
You are welcome to choose between 50min or 25min appointments and for short questions you can always arrange a short appointment via telephone or modern video conference.
In order to be able to offer you an above-average service, we decided not to settle directly with the health insurance companies. You conveniently pay the fee note in the ordination with cash, all common EC and credit cards or even with current cryptocurrencies. For online appointments, you can also pay online using Maestro and credit cards, Sofortüberweisung, ApplePay or PayPal.
Afterwards we support you with the partial reimbursement by the respective health insurance company and are happy to submit the invoice for you. How much you will be reimbursed by the insurance company varies considerably between the individual health insurers, although there has been a very positive development in recent years, at SVS and BVAEB. The reimbursement for private supplementary insurance is based on the rates for outpatient specialist treatment and not on psychotherapy. Any questions? Call us: +4353722182310
As psychiatrist, Gerald Suttner has a normal university degree in medicine and is a fully licensed doctor. As part of his further education at the University Clinic Erlangen in Bavaria, he specialized in the department of psychiatry and is therefore a registered specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapeutic medicine in the Tyrolean State Medical Association, while he is also registered as a specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy in the Bavarian State Medical Association.
In contrast, studying psychology is a non-medical training area. Colleagues with this degree may e.g. do not prescribe medication or perform medical diagnostics. Both groups, doctors and psychologists, can, however, undergo psychotherapeutic training and then offer you psychotherapy (usually as part of a conversation therapy).
Gerald Suttner has specialized in the field of behavior therapy as part of his specialist training and therefore also offers you good expertise in the non-drug area of therapeutic options. We also work closely with many resident therapists to provide you with the best possible treatment.

Make an appointment

You can reach us personally by phone monday – friday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Outside of this time, you are welcome to leave a message and request a call back, or simply make an appointment online in our booking system.