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UPDATE from 05.09.2020:

At present, all consultations can be carried out regularly in the ordination.
Nevertheless, we ask all patients, if possible, to use the secure method of telemedicine / video conference in order to minimize transmission paths. In particular, please think of all elderly patients who cannot simply use these modern media and are therefore dependent on a doctor’s visit to the doctor’s office. Every personal contact that can be reduced ultimately protects this risk group.
Of course, the current hygiene guidelines also apply in our practice, so we ask all patients:

  • Only go to the ordination in person if you do not have any coronavirus or typical cold symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath or diarrhea.
  • Wear a normal mouth-nose masks correctly, i.e. the mouth and nose are constantly covered.
  • Disinfect your hands when entering and leaving the ordination
  • Arrive as punctually as possible for your appointment, as we will pick you up directly at the ordination door (please ring the bell!) And lead you to the treatment room to avoid contamination and infection via the waiting area / magazines etc.
  • If possible, pay the fee with contactless EC / credit card, or conveniently online via our website directly after your appointment.

For your safety, we are currently not offering you hot or cold drinks as usual for hygienic reasons and we apologize for this inconvenience. After each appointment, all surfaces used are disinfected and cleaned. We pay particular attention to the required exposure time for the disinfectants used, so that a break is necessary between the appointments. Furthermore, the rooms are well ventilated after each patient contact in order to reduce any air pollution with infectious aerosols. The doctor’s assistants are currently working largely in on-call service in order to generate as few chains of infection as possible. Please understand that there may be background noise during the phone calls. Data protection is always ensured by our employees. During the consultation, Mr. Suttner only uses FFP2 masks (effective protection against viruses due to the smallest filter pore size) in order to protect you as best as possible. Furthermore, the entire ordination staff is regularly tested for a virus infection in the official screening streets. So far, the test results have only been negative.

We thank all patients for their understanding in this epidemiologically difficult time. In particular, we would like to thank everyone who is on
have taken in the previously unfamiliar possibility of telemedicine and are now increasingly appreciating the advantages of this technology and may want to continue to use it. We ask all patients to continue to get their information via medical and specialist channels and to take a critical look at “fake news”. Should you have any questions about one or the other message, e.g. from social media, contact us with confidence and we will try to pass on all information to you based on scientific knowledge or at least scientific tendencies.

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